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Player Stats Checks for BFBC2, BF3, BF4, MOHW, CRY3 and BFH

What is i-stats.net?
i-stats.net is a Project for Admins and Players against Cheater.
Admins can check Players on their Game Servers automatically, Players can Stalk them self to get a Notification in case there is a Cheater on the same Server they are playing.
The main Reason for all the work behind this Website/Tools is to get as much Information on a Player at once.
Players and Admins (also) want to play the Game. Nobody wants to spend more than a Minute in checking a Player.
Back to the Game as soon as possible.
Full description: -> what is i-stats.net?

News, report Bugs, Post Ideas/Wishes ect.
Report Players or appeal a Ban.
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Here you can check a Players Stats.
If the Player was found (@P-Stats Network) we try to show the most useful Informations at once.
The Tool checks the Stats - the Weapons.
In the Beginning we only checked here for "high" KpM (Kills per Minute) which is usually pretty useless.
Later we added the "Expected Kill per Minute" (exp.KpM).
The exp.KpM shows the, well, expected Kills per Minute compared to the Kills/Headshot-ratio (KHSr) associated by the Average Player.
This may sounds weird. But imagine the following example:

Thousands of Players have an average KpM of 1 on a KHSr of 30 on a Weapon.
Player "justBetterPlayin" now gets checked in out PlayerCheck and has a KpM of 10 on a KHSr of 70 on that Weapon.
Our Tool now compares the data and calculates the expected KpM - a value that means:
"Player justBetterPlayin reached a KHSr of y, so we expect a KpM of x"

Of curse there are many legit Players who are much above the average Player.
Thats why we set Limits - the Flags.
If a Player is above x% of the expected KpM - and above some Limits to make sure the Data is valid - we detect that Player as an Obvious Cheater.

Ask in our Forum if you got any Questions.

The Flags:
(flag) = Player not found
(flag) = Not checked yet
(flag) = "Zero" Stats
(flag) = Checked, Stats clean
(flag) = Conspicuous. Often turns out as "skilled Player".
(flag) = Suspicous. Very good Player or "weird" (time to look closer)
(flag) = Impossible Stats! Obviously cheating.
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Search a Player in our Database. We store the Data of "locked" Players.
(flag) Obvious Players will get locked: locked
Click on locked to see the saved Stats.

Also useful to search a Player in case you dont remember the full Nickname.
Type in min 4 Signs.
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Type in the IP and (query) Port of an existing BFBC2 / BF3 / BF4 / BFH Server.
Check a Player on the Server by clicking on the >> Icon, or let the Tool check automatically the hole Server.
Also you can turn on the Sound Notifications. Set "Flags", for example the red and yellow Flags,
to get a Notification in Case a Player with the Result of a red or yellow Flag is on this Server.
"Mute" (ignore) single Players by clicking the Speaker Icon on on the right Side.
(We recommend you use a Profile to save your personal Settings)

Sound Notification only if "auto refresh" (and "enable sounds" of curse) is on.
Sound Notification are not supported at IE yet.

If you get an Error: " (!) unable to connect "
check the query Port and/or the IP.
No Rcon Password required. Our Tools are using public Commands provided by the Rcon Interface.
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Search a Server in our Database.
Once you entered an existing BFBC2 / BF3 / BF4 / BFH Server we store it at our Database. That makes it easier to find a Server at your next Visit.
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Stalk yourself!
Enter your Playername, select the Game and the Tool will search your Nickname in our db and/or on Gametracker.com.
Once Gametracker or we found you online on a Game Server (may take around 5 min) our Tool will switch over to our ServerCheck.
Players will get checked and you will get a Warning (if sound = on ...) in Case there is a Player with "weird" Stats.
Not every Server will be found. Depends on Gametracker.com.
You can manually add Servers to Gametracker.com. in case the Server is unknown

(We recommend Players to leave the Server if there is a Cheater detected and no Admin is online! Do not feed Cheaters!)
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Shows you the "Average Player".
Calculated by thousands of Players we checked in the past.
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Here you can see Information about our Metabans.com Account.
If you are Server Admin we recommend you to use Metabans.com!
It is easy and a great Project/Tool to share Ban Lists!
Follow us over there to use all our Results (the Ban List) and to keep your Servers clean!
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Create a Profile, change/save your Settings, add Servers ect.
No eMail Address needed but possible to assign later!
Assign an eMail Address to your Profile to activate eMail-related Content like automatic ServerCheck or eMail Notification ...
Your Password will be stored encrypted.
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Imprint , Credits, Tos/Tou ...
The usually crap.
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Kind of Playground.
Working on it ...
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